Be a Volunteer

THANK YOU for your interest to join us as a volunteer for Ride for Rainbows.

Our volunteers are the heart and soul behind Ride for Rainbows. They play an essential role in helping us bring this meaningful event to life.

As a volunteer for Ride for Rainbows, you will get to:

  • Interact with our beneficiaries and their families
  • Contribute towards making a difference in the lives of Club Rainbow children and their families
  • Widen your social network by meeting new people and making new friends
  • Learn to work with different groups of people
  • Discover your strengths as well as develop skills and confidence when handling new roles and challenges

Join us for a voluntary experience like no other!

The volunteer positions available for Ride for Rainbows are listed below.

  1. Route Marshal

    You are the beacon along the cycling route; making sure riders are going in the right directions, motivating and giving hope to riders at the brink of giving up.

  2. Safety Vehicle Commander

    You will patrol the roads to ensure safety and well-being of the riders, lead the pack, spot and pick up injured or exhausted riders along the way.

  3. Recharge Station Master

    You bring glimmers of hope at stop points along the cycling route; providing refreshments for the riders to hydrate and recharge their energy.

  4. Lifesaver

    You are the angel watching over the riders, along the cycling or at the main event site; providing medical aids to injured or exhausted riders.

  5. Event Collaborator

    You are part of the fraternity that brings joy to the beneficiaries and families, and other participants.

  6. Bike Park Warden

    You guard (with your life) the Bromptons and Colnagos, and other personal belongings, and facilitate checking in/out of the bikes.

  7. Starting/Finishing Marshal

    Registering, tagging, staging, flagging off, ensuring road safety on last leg towards finishing line... put it simply, the ride cannot start or finish without you!

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